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What's New

TBPGCC Annual Meeting February 14-16

The next TBPGCC Annual Meeting will be held at the NOAA Center for Weather and Climate Prediction in College Park, MD.  The annual meeting is set for February 14th-16th. The schedule at a glance is available now and a detailed agenda is forthcoming. Registration will be available soon.

Raising Awareness

 NOAA Booth at the American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting

TBPGCC Chair Andrea Ray will be in Denver to present a Booth Talk at the American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting.  This will be held in the exhibit hall on January 11th at 2:40  PM MT.  The AMS Annual meeting will be January 8th through 12th.  A list of the various talks and sessions can be found here.

Raising Awareness

 NOAA Testbeds and Proving Grounds: A Crucible for Transitions between Research and Operations

TBPGCC Chair Andrea Ray will be in Chicago to present a Booth Talk at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting.  This will be held in the exhibit hall on Wednesday, January 14th at 3:45 PM CT.

TBPGs Featured in a Fireside Chat

This Fireside Chat provided an in-depth look into how Testbeds and Proving Grounds facilitate the research to operations pipeline and feedback to research. It opened with remarks from OAR Deputy Assistant Administrator for Science, Gary Matlock, and featured a discussion among representatives of four Testbeds and Proving Grounds with Q&A from the audience.

Satellite Liaisons between SPG & other TBPG

NOAA’s Satellite Proving Ground (SPG) tests and evaluates satellite products before they’re transitioned to operations.  SPG employs cooperative institute employees known as satellite liaisons for the Hazardous Weather Testbed (HWT), Storm Prediction Center (SPC), the NWS Operations Proving Ground (OPG), and Ocean and Weather Prediction Centers (OPC, WPC).  This role within NOAA began in 2010 and is helping realize the benefits of satellite systems and explore the possibilities available from advanced satellites into operation across several testbeds.  The Satellite Liaisons are advancing collaboration between testbeds within NOAA and play a key role in moving transition projects forward. Continue reading…

The Testbeds and Proving Grounds Coordinating Committee

The TBPGCC is featured in the Developmental Testbed Center spring 2022 newsletter ‘Director’s Corner’. DTC is a joint activity of NOAA OAR and NWS, NCAR, and the U.S. Air Force. DTC is a distributed facility where the NWP community can test and evaluate new models and techniques for use in research and operations.

NOAA Testbeds and Proving Grounds at the 2022 AMS Annual Meeting

TBPG Coordinating Committee Chair, Andrea Ray presented a talk  at the meeting on January 25 during the 12th Conference on Transition of Research to Operations.

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