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Coordinating Committee Annual Meeting

Dates: April 13 and 19th, May 4-5 and 11th, 2021

Where: Virtual via GoToMeeting

2021 Annual Meeting Report

WHAT: The 2021 Meeting Objectives & Topics have been designed to address a number of issues identified in the recent annual meetings, including Clarify and identify next steps on issues from prior meetings: engaging with UFS, transitions and metrics including things that don’t transition, and testbed funding opportunities, successes and challenges. The meeting will also consider some topics that have emerged in the last couple of years, including the NOAA S&T Focus Areas, in particular, AI and Cloud and how they relate to testbeds and proving grounds and transitions. Other emerging topics are social, behavioral and economic sciences and user engagement, and strategies, challenges, and successes in the virtual environment

WHY: This workshop, directed towards enhancing communication across NOAA testbed/proving ground efforts, is an important opportunity to exchange information, and enhance the use and effectiveness of outcomes in NOAA operations. Updates on the wide variety of testbed and proving projects across NOAA, related efforts, and new ones on the horizon, will also feature progress in integrating science themes in a critical area for NOAA, including NOAA’s Weather Ready Nation strategic goals.


  • Communicate results and future directions for individual testbeds/proving grounds and discuss broader cross-facility issues and directions.
  • Communicate testing activities/results/challenges on the integrating science theme.
  • Identify best practices, understand and discuss improvements towards achieving our testbed goals.

Contacts: Please contact or for additional information.

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