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Save the Date! 9th Annual NOAA Testbeds and Proving Ground Workshop

When: April 10-11, 2018

Where: NWS Training Center, Kansas City MO

What: The workshop will focus on exchanging lessons-learned and best practices within current NOAA and related testbeds/proving grounds, and on building cross-testbed collaborations and synergies. This year's theme will be "NOAA's Next Generation Global Prediction System (NGGPS): Test Bed and Proving Ground Transition Testing."

How: If you are interested in attending, send a note to the POC (below) to receive follow up information on logistics, agenda, and remote access participation. We look forward to your active participation in sharing the recent successes of NOAA's TBPG community and helping to move forward the work of NOAA's transition activities. Please share with others who would be interested in participating.

Point of Contact: For additional workshop and logistical information, please contact Virginia.Dentler@noaa.gov, and please watch for workshop news and updates on this website.

Organizing Committee: Lisa Darby, Paula Davidson, Virginia Dentler, Rich Fulton, Alan Gerard, Shirley Murillo, JimYoe

Posted: 11/30/17