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2013 Workshop Summary

NOAA's 4th Testbed and Proving Ground Workshop was held April 2–4, 2013 at the NOAA Center for Weather and Climate Prediction in College Park, MD. The workshop brought together NOAA's testbed managers and scientists, through in person and remote-access participation, to provide updates on recent and featured accomplishments. Despite challenges associated with a large contingent of remote-access participants, the workshop presentations and discussions facilitated increased coordination/collaboration in transitioning research and development into NOAA operations and other mission applications. NWS Director Louis Uccellini provided the opening comments to the workshop. His remarks were followed-up with remarks by NWS OST Director John Murphy and OAR Director Gary Matlock.

Participants (in-person and remote) included scientists from across NOAA, the National Center for Atmospheric Research, NASA, and several universities. Presentations on the eleven NOAA Testbeds and Proving Grounds facilities highlighted updates and recent testing accomplishments. In additional sessions, presentations on emerging testbeds, proving ground capabilities, and affiliated programs were given.

The special science theme session focused on high-impact environmental events, and featured 20 papers; 8 were selected competitively for oral presentation on the basis of: impact of work, design/conduct/conclusiveness of testing, and collaboration. Thomas Workoff (NWS/Weather Prediction Center, Systems Research Group) won the best theme session paper award, based on the above criteria and also, clearest communication, for his presentation "A Case Study of the Research-to-Operations (R2O) Process at HMT-WPC". All presentations are posted – linked to the workshop agenda page. Lively discussions at the accompanying poster session covered a range of important case studies and related testing activities.

Discussion on the next steps for NOAA's testbeds and proving grounds focused on the following topics: coordinating announcements of federal funding opportunities, performance reporting, new focus on transition activities – including at NOAA TBPG – in NWS's recently launched budget restructuring activity, and challenges and opportunities for increasing collaborative activities.

Presentations are available on the workshop agenda page.

Next year's workshop is tentatively planned for the Spring of 2014, with an integrating science theme TBD.