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participants at the poster session
Workshop participants at the poster session. (Credit: Barb DeLuisi, NOAA)

2012 Workshop Summary

NOAA's 3rd Testbeds and Proving Grounds Workshop, was held May 1–3, 2012 at NOAA/ESRL, bringing together NOAA's testbeds and proving ground managers and scientists to provide updates on recent and featured accomplishments, and facilitate increased coordination/collaboration in transitioning NOAA R&D into NOAA operations and other applications. A special integrating science theme session on intense precipitation showcased thirteen papers based on testbeds/proving ground work. Faye Barthold (National Weather Service (NWS)/National Centers for Environmental Prediction and I.M Systems Group, Inc.) won the best paper (theme session) award, based on these criteria: impact of work, design/conduct/conclusiveness of testing, collaboration, and clearest communication. Presentations are available from the workshop agenda page.

Participants included scientists from across NOAA, from the National Center for Atmospheric Research, and NASA; representing the Aviation Weather Testbed, Climate Testbed, Developmental Testbed Center, GOES-R Proving Ground, Hydrometeorology Testbed, Hazardous Weather Testbed, Joint Center for Satellite Data Assimilation, and the Joint Hurricane Testbed. Along with updates and featured accomplishments at the NOAA testbeds/proving grounds, emerging testbeds/proving ground capabilities and related testing/prototyping activities were presented, including: NWS’s Operations and Services Proving Ground, observing system simulation experiments, the JPSS proving ground, the forecaster applications testbed, the NWS Collaborative Science, Technology and Applied Research program, NWS pilot activities, the Short-term Prediction Research and Transition Center, Unmanned Aircraft Systems, and the Space Weather Prediction Testbed.

Discussion on next steps for NOAA's testbeds and proving grounds coordination focused on 3 major topics: guidance on governance, improving collaboration, and performance measures. To encourage and increase collaboration, the participants support featuring an integrated science theme session for next year's workshop, listing relevant announcements of opportunity under the NOAA testbeds website, and ways to share expertise, software and tools/applications among facilities. The participants also agreed to assess options for taking more credit for testbeds/proving grounds in annual performance reporting.

Next year's workshop is (tentatively) planned for April 2013 in the DC area, with an integrating science theme TBD.