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3rd NOAA Testbed & Proving Ground Workshop

Dates:   1-3 May 2012
Where: NOAA Boulder
David Skaggs Research Center
Room GC402
325 Broadway
Boulder, CO 80305
What:  The workshop will focus on exchanging lessons-learned & best practices within current NOAA and related testbeds/proving grounds, and on building cross-testbed collaborations & synergies. The workshop will include an integrating science theme to highlight progress and challenges for NOAA's efforts to understand, predict, and mitigate adverse impacts of intense precipitation. Previous Workshop Summaries
Why:  This workshop, directed towards enhancing communication across NOAA testbed/proving ground efforts, is an important opportunity to exchange information, and enhance the use and effectiveness of outcomes in NOAA operations. Updates on the wide variety of testbed projects across NOAA, related efforts, and new ones on the horizon, will also feature progress in an integrating science theme in a critical area for NOAA, evidenced by enormous societal impact: intense precipitation.
Workshop Goals:
Contact:  Please contact Rich Lataitis for additional information.