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Funding Opportunity (Posted: 10/10/14)

NOAA's OAR/OWAQ has issued an announcement of opportuntity, NOAA-OAR-OWAQ-2015-2004230 for researchers to submit proposals for HMT and HWT projects "... to test and evaluate, and modify if necessary, in a (quasi-operational) experimental environment, their own scientific and technological research applications". Please visit the link above for further information; please note the deadline of 5 p.m. (ET) Jan 28, 2015.

Funding Opportunity (Posted: 08/12/14)

NOAA has issued a funding opportunity (NOAA-NWS-NWSPO-2015-2004117) titled, Round 1 of Research to Operations Initiative, a "NOAA initiative to expand and accelerate critical weather forecasting research to operations to address growing service demands and increase the accuracy of weather forecasts", that encourages proposals from "applicants who are proposing to work in partnership with NOAA testbeds and Proving Grounds (listed on the www.testbeds.noaa.gov home page) and with NCEP modeling centers." Please see the weblink for further information; please note the deadline of 5pm (ET) Sept 30, 2014.

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  • CSTAR-VLab-OPG LinkagesInformation on procedures for advancing CSTAR results to operational readiness testing at the OPG